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Argentikon Luxury Suites

argentikon-villas-chios Greeceargentikon-villas-chios Greece

Kambos, Chios

argentikon-villas-chios GreeceSelected among the 100 best villas in the world Argentikon Luxury Suites are located in Kambos, one of the most beautiful areas of Chios, a green valley 3km south of Chios town. The low mountains that surround Chios from the West are the source of its underground water that makes Kambos an endless garden full of flowers and citrus trees. In the 14th century, the Genoese aristocracy of Chios selected this area to build their mansions. High walls of stone, from the village of Thymiana in Kambos, protected the mansion from dust, winds and the cold. Elaborate cisterns, decorated with marble motifs and spouts, are a central figure in the courtyards. Shady pathways leading to secluded corners and beautiful gardens provided privacy and quiet for those who wished to enjoy the tranquility.

argentikon-villas-chios GreeceThe Argenti family was one of many families which came to Chios from Genoa in order to administer activities on the island on behalf of the Genoese Republic during the period of the Genoese Occupation of Chios (1346 to 1566). The Argentikon estate was built around 1550 and was used exclusively as a summer residence for the family. Each member had their own residence, and lived within the walls of the estate. In 1920, Philip Argenti returned to Chios following the earthquake of 1881 and engaged a famous British architect, Sir Arnold Smith, whose specialty was medieval Genoese architecture. The restoration and rebuilding of the estate continued for approximately forty years. In 1974 Marchese Lorenzo Argenti, the only son of Philip Argenti, inherited the estate. While living in Chios he improved the electrical system and made extensive changes to the gardens. He had the unique opportunity to welcome and provide accommodation to Kings, Queens, Presidents and Ministers from all over the world. In 1998, under new ownership, extensive renovations took place restoring the ambience and beauty of this 16th century Genoese estate. After a multi-million dollar renovation, the entire Argentikon Estate has been transformed to one of the most perfect examples of medieval Genoese architecture in the Levant.

argentikon luxury villas, chios, Greeceargentikon luxury villas, chios greece

The suites are situated in fine buildings, each one with its own unique style. Exquisite Old World craftsmanship and 21 st century amenities have been combined to create an estate unsurpassed in beauty and refinement. The main Palazzo, built in 1550 has two suites:

Palazzo Suite: A spacious three bedroom suite on the upper floor has a living room, decorated ceilings, two marble bathrooms, and a balcony overlooking the gardens and orchards.

Castello Suite: This suite is located on the upper floor. It has a living room, decorated ceilings, two bedrooms, one marble bathroom and a balcony overlooking the gardens and the main marble cistern.

The second Palazzo, built in 1930 has two suites:

Venezia Suite: This suite is located on the upper floor. It has a living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms, one marble bathroom, a powder room, and a spacious balcony overlooking the gardens.

Genova Suite: This suite is located on the ground floor. It has a spacious living room, decorated ceiling, two bedrooms, one marble bathroom, and a powder room.

Another building was restored using the distinctive "xysto" technique which is used to decorate the exteriors of the houses at Pyrgi village. The outer layer of plaster is whitewashed and then geometric shapes are scraped away.

Pyrgi Suite: This suite is located on the upper floor. It has a spacious living room with a fireplace, a marble bathroom, and a balcony overlooking the gardens and orchards.

Pyrgousiko Suite: This suite is located on the ground floor with living room, two bedrooms and one marble bathroom.

Kampos Suite: This spacious suite is located in the fourth building adjacent to the citrus grove and gardens. It has a living room with fireplace, a bedroom with a decorated ceiling, and one marble bathroom with a Jacuzzi and shower.

Chios Junior Suite: This suite is located in the newly renovated fifth building overlooking the citrus grove.

argentikon-villas-chios GreeceRestaurants: Start your day with a breakfast of your choice, either on your balcony, in your suite, or on the patio bordering the colorful gardens. As the day progresses, you may enjoy a snack or cocktail near the massive cypress trees overlooking the swimming pool.
Lunch in the air-conditioned Argentikon dining room is a pleasant, relaxing experience. Dinner under the moonlight, with soft music and gourmet cuisine, will be an unforgettable culinary event.

Services and Facilities include:

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Residents lounge
  • Room service, breakfast
  • Extensive gardens with walking paths
  • Business center
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Massage Room
  • Transportation to and from the Airport
  • Outdoor swimming pool
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