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Hotels of Greece:
Information on Booking Hotels in Athens and the Greek Islands and Mainland

This is my Greek Hotel Resource Guide which I put together with the help of some of my friends in Greece. I may be working on this guide and adding hotels for the rest of my life but with several hundred there are more than enough here to plan your holiday. You may notice that I don't have prices for the majority of the hotels. The reason is simple. Because prices change every year and even from high to low season I did not want to commit myself to spending a month or two of every year changing the prices on each page. So I have the colorful rate chart at the bottom of the front page that you can use to get an idea of aproximately what the hotel will cost. Then if you are interested you can get the exact rate from the agency who represents the hotel. This can be done by filling out the booking form linked to each page.

In very few hotels in this guide are the forms going to the hotel itself. What I have tried to do is match the agencies with the best relationship and the best prices for the particular hotel or area. This is because in my opinion and in the opinion of many people who have used my sites, booking directly with the hotel puts you at a disadvantage in terms of planning the rest of your trip. In other words if you book directly with the hotel then you won't have anyone to help you with ferry tickets, flights, or who can come to your aid should any problems arise. Plus anyone who has tried to book a trip to Greece and the islands bypassing an agent has discovered that it is difficult to get reliable ferry information (or tickets) over the internet very far in advance. Some travelers have found themselves with a hotel booking on an island and no boat to get them there. This won't happen with a travel agent and even if it does, you won't be penalized or have to pay for two hotels for the same night.

Also with the current economic situation you will be very happy to know that your travel agent is working over-time to keep your plans from going awry from a ferry boat strike or any other number of disruptions that are possible.

Many people don't realize that some of the agencies buy blocks of rooms from the hotels and can sell them at a lower rate than the hotel offers to the public. Occasionally the rates can be ridiculously low as incentive to book tours, cruises or just to fill rooms that would be otherwise empty.

If these are not good enough reasons to use an agency keep in mind that neither the hotel, or automated on-line booking services will tell you the drawbacks of the hotel, if for example it happens to be next to a disco or has an owner who is a lunatic or if 'on the beach' actually means several hundred steps above it. A travel agent should be able to give an unbiased and objective opinion on a hotel, plus once you book with them they are there, in Greece, to assist you.

More importantly: Automated On-line booking sites are taking over the world of travel at the expense of personal service.

When you visit an online hotel booking site like  you are contributing to the elimination of a species, namely travel agents. Automated sites take the personal aspects out of travel, the human contact you get in planning a trip. These companies are betting that the traveling public won't care and to save a couple dollars they will book with an automated service rather than have an agent at their disposal who can help them plan sensibly. The rich get richer and one day your favorite travel agent will be sitting at a big desk punching in numbers on a keyboard for 10 hours a day, if he or she is lucky enough to have a job. Yeah, this is the way the world is these days but you don't have to go along with it just as you don't have to shop at the big mega-stores that have put your friendly local shops out of business. Automated On-line booking sites have more to do with the world of stocks, shareholders and advertising revenue than they do with the world of travel.

While this site may look like one of those other sites (in a sloppy unprofessional way since I am one guy on a laptop and they have an army of nerds continuously fine-tuning), most of the links actually go to a human being (often a close personal friend of mine) who will respond to you and can answer your questions and help you with other aspects of your trip. They also know the hotel and the reason it may or may not be suitable to you. Most automated booking websites work with any hotel that pays into the system and there is nobody who can answer your questions because they don't know any of the answers.

Of course there are those who prefer to use the on-line booking sites and nothing I say will change their minds so I have included a links to that I have to admit makes booking hotels pretty easy. If you are staying in budget rooms, self-catering, pensions, hostels and hotels in the 50 euro range then this may be your best bet because you can search for hotels by price and find similar if it is full. Probably as travel agencies disappear this site will become a bunch of links to But what can you do?

In the meantime you can use this guide and if you want to book with a Greek travel agency and include some of the hotels you have found here you can use my Create-an-itinerary page and the agency will book your hotels and the ferries to go with them.

I hope you find this useful and have as much fun using it as I did making this site. In fact I hope you have a lot more fun.

Matt Barrett

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