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 Pinakates House
Pinakates, Pelion, Greece

Pinakates Guesthouse

pelion housePelio is one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. It is also a region that has been spared from the ravages of mass tourism. Its big attraction is the combination of mountain and sea. The mountainous peninsula thrusts forward into the sea in such a way that within the time span of a 20 minute car drive one passes from beaches and the low shrub Meditteranean maquis vegetation, through olive groves, pine forests, and deep shaded chestnut tree forests. All 24 villages that compose the heart of the region have been well preserved architecturally and many are listed and protected. The village of Pinaketes is one of them.

The local habitants are for the most shepherds and have apple groves. Recently, many  deserted houses have began being restored as vacation homes. The village  is located in 550 meters altitude on a south facing slope with commanding views of the sea and the mountains beyond. There are 3 nice small restaurants in Pinakates.

There is one road cutting through the village for traffic but all the side streets etc are cobbled staired paths. The house is a 2 minute climb from the parking lot. The house is among the highest up in the village.  It has both a garden and a large terrace in front of it with unobstructed views for many miles.

It is  an old stone house (built in the 1880s) restored a few yeas ago. It has three levels. The top level is one room which occupies the whole floor. There is a fireplace, king size bed,  sofa , old desc etc. The medium level has the WC. shower room and a room with 2 double beds with the red wall. The lower level has a fully equiped kitchen with table for 6 people. The kitchen has direct access to the terrace and also to an adjacent room (in the past it was a stable) which serves as a living room or 3d bedrroom. There are couches/beds, armchairs, large fireplaces etc

The closest beach to swim is about a 20 minute car drive. Within 40 minutes drive there are a great number of swimming options

The house is available year round. For the winter, please note that the house has central heating and that Pelio is known for its skiing and winter sports.

Pelion house

Pelion in snow

Pricing varies according to number of guests and the season. (85 100 Euros/night sleeping 6 people)

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