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Ilies Hotel Sifnos

Are you having trouble choosing a hotel in Athens, on one of the islands, Delphi, Meteora or anywhere in Greece? Do you want someone to help you find a hotel? This page will be the answer to your prayers.

Here's how it works:

1) Use the form to send me basic information. All I really need is your name and e-mail address and where you want to stay, (which island, or Athens, Thessaloniki, Meteora, Delphi etc.) What category hotel would be helpful too as will your dates. You can even ask me to recommend an island or whatever.

2) I will digest your info and send you back links to the hotels I would recommend. They may not be hotels I have stayed at but they will be hotels that match your needs and it is probably a safer bet then booking a hotel at random and discovering it's a bordello or next to a refinary.

What do I get out of this?

Why would I take the time to interrupt my writing and answering e-mail to help you find a hotel? Am I a super nice guy? Have I finally gone crazy? Well, both, plus by having the Hotel booking engine at I make a small comission on each person who books a hotel on my site. Say if a hotel costs 100 euro and gets 15% and I make 25% of their 15% that comes out to.... well not very much but enough to make it worth doing. But the only way it is worth it for me is if you book through the link I send you. If I spend time looking for a hotel and send you the link and then you go to Expedia or Travelocity or search other sites to try to save a euro then basically you just used me. People will do this, I know and there is nothing I can do about it. But hopefully you have enough integrity and are appreciative of the information I have provided on my websites to not take advantage of me. Or you can send a donation through Paypal or Venmo

Helpful Hotel Hints (or warnings actually)

If you have a simple itinerary and are looking for hotels in Athens and on one (or maybe two) islands with daily ferry connections then this is an OK way to book. But if you want to go to Mykonos, Santorini and Crete for example and want to do a daytrip or overnight tour to Delphi or Meteora, and will need transfers between the airport, ports and hotels, and excursions on the islands then you should go through a Greek travel agency because all that stuff is included. I recommend Fantasy Travel, Dolphin Hellas or Aegean Thesaurus because I have been working with them for years. You can even use my Create-an-Itinerary form if you have a good idea what you want to do. They can put together itineraries for you or with you, and they also have itineraries and island-hopping combinations on their websites that will save you money.

If you have a simple plan and want to book hotels directly, are confident you can master the ferries, and either use public transport or book your own transfers with George the Famous Taxi Driver for example, and don't anticipate the need of using a travel agency then you can use the hotel form or you can go to my Hotels of Greece if you want to search for yourself.

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(I promise to book it if it's a good price)

Hotel Attalos, Athens, Greece

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