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Famous People Who Have Stayed in The Hotel Grande Bretagne
(The ones I have heard of)

Over the last century and a half the Grande Bretagne has entertained the most famous celebrities of the world from movie stars to kings and even a dictator or two. Below are some pictures from my Grande Bretagne photo album of some of the most famous guests of our lifetime. For those of you whose pictures were not included because of space limitations I hope you won't feel offended but I have listed many of you below.

Winston Churchill arrives by special taxi

Elizabeth Taylor wants to eat  dinner at the GB Corner but Paul Newman wants to go to a taverna

Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat fills in his order for tomorrow's breakfast while aids and bodyguards hand in their requests

Sting jams with Yannis Skazopoulos during the Telly Savalas Film Festival celebrations 

For William Shatner's visit the entire Grande Bretagne was converted into a life-sized replica of the Starship Enterprise to make him feel more at home

LBJ discovers that all his connections still won't get him front row seats for the Theodorakis concert

Bridgette Bardot's record for riding a motorcycle down the Grande Stairway, an amazing 22.8 seconds, is likely to remain unbroken

Sophia Loren's broken zipper is no problem for the expert tailors at the GB

When Ronald Reagan accused Greece of being soft on terrorism guess who they brought in and guess where he stayed

Bing Crosby came to Greece to hunt mountain goats in Crete, but the helpful staff at the GB told him it was not a very good idea and probably saved his life

When Field Marshal Rommel was ordered to leave the GB and get back to the front he replied "Is it really necessary? I am having such a good time"

It's was always a special night when Marshal Tito tickled the ivories at the GB

not to mention....

Ursula Andress
Peter Arnet
Dr Christan Barnard
Matt Barrett
Leonard Bernstein
Bernardo Bertolucci
Boutros Boutros Ghali
Harriet Boyd
Willy Brandt
Maria Callas
Jimmy Carter
Richard Chamberlin
Tracy Chapman
Joan Collins
Francis Ford Coppola
Giscard D'Estang
Alain Delon
Umberto Eco
Dwight Eisenhower
Douglas Fairbanks

Henry Fonda
Indira Ghandi
Grace Jones

Constantine Karamanlis
Elia Kazan
Ethel Kennedy
Rose Kennedy
Agha Khan
King Olaf of Norway
Klaus Kinsky
Nastasia Kinsky
Alan Ladd
Zubin Mehta
David Niven
Rudolf Nureyev
Aristotle Onassis
Laurence Olivier

Anthony Perkins
Mary Pickford
Carlo Ponti
Anthony Quinn
Oliver Reed
Roman Polanski
George Papandreau
Mickey Rourke
Sam Sheppard

Bruce Springsteen
George Stephanopoulos
Richard Strauss
Issak Stern
Oliver Stone
Ronnie Tober
Peter Ustinov
John Voight
John D & Avis Bates
Ian Richardson
Gillian Hannan
Roy Mann: Squire of Newham
Dawne Athanasia Streutker, DDS
Dr Jack Saxonhouse
Joan Saxonhouse
Lesley Haugland
Karen Gormaley Jaegge
Jeannine and C. E. Neubecker
Michael Bell and Brian Shively.
Matt Barrett (3 times!)
(your name here)

My apologies to all the princes and princesses too numerous to list who also stayed at the Grande Bretagne

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